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We being a part of the leather accessories industry for close to half a century, finding the ideal brand to buy products of our choices was a painful task. Its either leather brand with outdated designs or good designs from a non-leather brand selling at a steep price. Fan of neither, we made bags and other accessories with help of our artisans from time to time.

Moving ahead, in 2017, we started making in small batches for friends and family who understood “Leather is the fashion statement”. This led to manufacturing for kith and kin apart from our regular production for the big-ticket brands.

Brand Value:
Deniva was established after the initial soft launch via Instagram in Feb 2018. The Deniva community targets to provide new designs inspired from world fashion, made of a high-quality material, priced to compete the non-leather brands.

Design Value:
Our design is a never-ending process as we believe in Kaizen philosophy. During the stage 1, a 5-piece sample production is made based on the skeletal provided from the in-house design team. The produced samples are then sent to 5 pre-selected random customers. The stage 2 involves review/recommendations given by 5 pre-selected customers with any practical difficulty they face, if any. The changes are then reviewed.

Note: The product sent to the customer stays with the customer as it’s a token of appreciation for helping the Deniva community with the designs.

Community Value:
The Deniva community donates a bag to an underprivileged child, for each bag purchased from us.

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